2015 Bondi Clean-up Coverage

Slug: Bondi Clean-up

Duration: 98 seconds

Date of release: 23rd April 2015

Bondi Beach has reopened for local customers and tourists today after Sydney’s three-day storm, however the massive clean-up, which began yesterday, is expected to be finished by midnight.

Samuel Yang has more.

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(Natural sound walking on the sand)

The severe storm which lashed Sydney has left a trail of destruction in its wake. Up to 20cm of sand had been blown from Bondi Beach, covering the coastal walk footpath, the skate bowl, Queen Elizabeth Drive carpark, and even up to as far as the steps of the historical landmark, the Bondi Beach Pavilion, with a huge volume of plastic containers and debris.

Waverley Council workers have been working inside the semi-blocked areas of the beach since yesterday with the aid of four excavators, four bobcats and a dozer (audio of earth moving machinery) to get Bondi Beach back into picture-perfect shape.

Construction supervisor A-lan HEN-dy says over 7000 tons of sand has been moved back to the beach so far.

“This is one of the most unusual emergency scenes I’ve seen in 10 years. Look at the sewer drain right next to me, it’s full of sand in there.” “We’re trying to finish the clean-up by midnight for tomorrow’s ANZAC Day dawn service.”

In addition to the big mess left by the 155km/h winds, wild weather has also resulted in economic consequences to local businesses.

(Natural sound customers)

One of the pavilion restaurants, Lush On Bondi, with flawless sea views, has been shut for four days due to the storm. Manager ma-RIA man-THO-poulos says she has never seen this much destruction on Bondi Beach in 10 years.


“Today is the first day we opened up all week since the storm here, we had to close, it was dangerous for me to have staff come here and the beach was actually closed.” “This area was being affected the most because we down on the beach, you find out when it’s bad weather obviously the shops up from Campbell Parade, the main road, do suffer as well, but not as much as us, we’ve lost business for four days and some umbrellas are broken and various damage, well actually we are lucky that nothing else are broken.” State Emergency Service minister David Elliott says the full cost of the disaster is not yet known.

Samuel Yang reporting from Bondi Beach.

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